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HVP – Hindu Vidya Peeth Schools

Hindu Vidya Peeth Schools - Nepal (HVP) is an educational institute run on a non-profit basis by Matribhoomi Sevak Sangh (MSS). MSS is a socio-cultural organization devoted to development of society through disciplined, dynamic and well cultured individuals. HVP-Nepal has been emerging as a centre for providing value based education and selfless service to all. Under the Private Educational Trust HVP currently has three branches in Balkumari, Thali and Dang.

HVP aims to produce a generation of capable, dynamic, committed and thoughtful individuals who would devote their lives for world peace. HVP emphasizes the development in students of ideals such as love, peace, harmony, tolerance, fraternity and non-violence.

Hindu Vidya Peeth, Nepal
Balkumari, Lalitpur
P.O. Box 6807
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977-1- 5527924


Peace Service Center (PSC)

(Shanti Sewa Ashram)
Peace Service Center (PSC) is regularly running a few programs such as Children Study Centre, Women Education Centre, Women Training Centre, Seeds of Peace etc. SSA was founded in Kathmandu for the promotion of peace as a reflection of Mr. C.M. Yogi’s effort to bring organizations working in several areas of the society into a common forum. It dreams of fostering selfless service towards humanity through actions towards peace, non-violence and various spiritual and philosophical awareness programs such as discourses, seminars, conferences and worship on a regular basis. For the realization of these, SSA has future plans for running an orphanage, a senior center, a Yoga, meditation and naturopathy centre, an organic farm and a vocational training centre, for underprivileged women. At present,

Program of Satsanga
First Friday of every month (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM)

Phulbari Marg, Koteshwor
Phone: 00977 -1 - 4601804


Youth Society for Peace

(Yuva Shanti Samaj)
The Youth Society for Peace (YSP) was founded in 2060 B.S. (2003 A.D.) by youths associated with SSA. YSP aims at bringing social harmony and transformation by fostering peace in society. It focuses on the younger generation's potential and thus works specifically to promote peace through active participation of youths.

YSP is mainly led by the ex-pupils of HVP. It has been helping other colleges and schools of Nepal in establishing peace clubs, and also organizes seminars, Youth
Conferences, camps and peace programs. From 2007, YSP has accept international responsibility through been Cooperation Circle of United Religious Initiative, USA.


• Youth Forum :  The third Saturday of every Nepali month (3:00pm - 5:00pm)
• Shanti Ka Biu Haru (Seeds of Peace): Every Saturday (8:00am to 10:30am)
Venue: Yuva Shanti Samaj, Koteshwor,


Children's Peace Home

The Children’s Peace Home (CPH) based in Dang has been serving orphans, war victims, destitute and homeless children of Nepal by providing them with free education, food and accommodation. At present the Home has 35 children who are fully sponsored to receive value based education at HVP Dang along with training in life-skills. Situated in the very natural and peaceful countryside of Parsa, Dang, the Home has a plan to house around 50 children.

Children’s Peace Home, Parsa, Dang
9758501175 / 00977–82-560465


Society for Value Education

The Society for Value Education (SVE) is committed to bringing overall transformation in society through promoting a value based education for all. As such, SVE provides orientation, teacher-training opportunities and modern methodology to the founders, principals and teachers of schools and colleges in Nepal. This acts as a common forum for like-minded educational institutes to work together to promote value education on national and international level.

Phulbari Marg, Koteshwor,  Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977-1- 4601804 or 5006125 


Peace Family (Shanti Pariwar)

The Peace Family (PF) is a network of several different organizations. It is actively involved in helping street-children, preserving the environment, working for the welfare of women, serving senior citizens, discouraging drug abuse, uplifting Dalits and helping HIV victims. As part of this it offers spiritual discourses, yoga, meditation and naturopathy.  

Phulbari Marg, Koteshwor,  Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 00977 -1 - 4601804 or 5006125