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Value based Education (VBE) is holistic education

The elements of a value-based education can be found not only in the subject matter, but in the learning styles which are employed in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and parental involvement. VBE is Teacher centered and it is for transformation.

Dr Yogi’s aim is to:

  1. promote universal values throughout his 3 school communities 
  2. develop love, peace and service to human kind
  3. provide the children with a deep knowledge, understanding and respect for their own culture
  4. continue with the excellent formal academic training with proven SLC results
  5. continue to provide quality education for all students from marginalised and disadvantaged communities
  6. continue to offer sponsorship to children from poor communities with reduced fees, accommodation and food support

"value based-education is instrumental to unfold and nurture the ideals of life"

Dr Yogi works internationally. Act Locally - Think Globally.

Dr Yogi is the country coordinator for the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC)
His work takes him to many parts of the world where he has been invited to deliver lectures and workshops in Switzerland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar,  Bangladesh, and India, South Africa and Australia.

Dr Yogi’s International work has seen him being invited as key speaker and presenter at prestigious universities in the UK on a regular basis. He has presented at Oxford, Cambridge and Durham Universities. This positive working relationships with the Universities has developed an international  exchange volunteer program between the university students and HVP schools in Nepal.

This most successful volunteer program which has been going for more than 20 years, involves students spending a term in Dr Yogi’s schools, developing curriculum and teaching all subjects in English .This exchange program funded by the students, allows them to build positive relationships with the students and be immersed in the culture, language and spiritual life of Nepal and the school communities and all the programs at HVP.

The students return to their country as Global Citizens after being immersed in another culture espousing the attributes of Values Based Education and the holistic experience they have shared.

"Like Dr Yogi, they travel with a message, a vision and a mission for the future."

Dr Yogi’s work is highly recognised and valued globally and his message of peace and non- violence has motivated like - minded people in the USA to develop an organisation founded on these principles called the Peace Service Centre USA

The aims of the Peace Service Centre are to:

  1. work with Dr Yogi and develop successful summer camps for children yearly
  2. to empower families to develop their children’s potential through values based education, spiritual awareness, peace, service to others and non-violence.

His work in Australia - The Art of Life/ Peaceful Leadership programs

In 2012 Dr Yogi was invited to Australia to work with children and the education sector and develop a holistic program involving student leadership, values based education and spiritual awareness.

He worked with early childhood centres ,schools , colleges and universities, academic staff, teachers and students as well as being an invited guest to Rotary International  meetings and presented lectures and workshops on the key concepts of life which are:

Truth, Love, Peace, Selfless Service and Non-Violence

Dr Yogi also worked with the Aboriginal community, the Indigenous people and elders, the First Peoples of Australia who shared their history, their stories and spiritual connection to the land. He supported the Nepalese/Bhutanese Community with Yoga /meditation and Satsang programs. He met with leaders in these communities and developed a program of support with them, giving spiritual guidance and values based education to the elderly and young people of the community.

These inaugural programs in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne have now developed a strong community leadership in each city, working towards a regular monthly spiritual program (satsang).

Dr Yogi is also developing the Art of Life – Peaceful Leadership Programs /camps and training programs for youth with the schools and colleges in Adelaide, South Australia for his return visit in 2013.

These programs will be coordinated by Joan O’Connor the Director of Global Communities for Peace who is Dr Yogi’s International Advisor for the Shanti Sewa Ashram (Peace Service Centre in Nepal). Joan lives in Adelaide SA and visits Nepal each year.

Dr Chinta Mani Yogi’s visit to Australia in January 2012 was highly successful and he has been asked to return in 2013 to develop further partnerships with the communities he worked in.
The 2012 Australian tour has been a significant beginning to formalizing a future relationship between Dr Yogi and his schools in Nepal. Several Australian communities will take responsibility for sponsoring Dr Yogi’s future visits to Australia.

Australia recognizes the significant work Dr Yogi is engaged in internationally in values based education and the Art of Living –peaceful leadership programs.
His contribution to education and the children of the world, families and humanity is profound and long lasting.

Dr Yogi is an educationist, a philosopher, an author, a social worker, a visionary leader and a peace activist. He is the change maker and world traveller sharing his vision and mission for peace. He is a true spiritual worker, uniting people from different faiths/cultures, building their sense of belonging in a global world.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

- Gandhi

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